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Storage Hacks You Won't Regret Trying


The Mansions of Georgetown Blog, Georgetown, TX  Maximize space in your apartment by using these cool storage hacks. Get a few helpful ideas from this post.


As spacious as your apartment at The Mansions of Georgetown is here in Texas, it’s easy for your home furnishings and items to expand as time goes on. Make room for each item to have a home by trying out furniture storage. Today on the blog we have a few ideas you can try to add a bit of extra space, functionality, and style to your apartment.

Priceless Storage Hacks

Ottomans These are great because they are multi-functional. You can use an ottoman to complete the design of a room, to add space for resting your feet, to add extra seating to a room, and to give you a place to put blankets and pillows you don’t have room to keep on the couch. Wayfair has a huge variety of storage ottoman options you can look through.


Hanging Space Hanging one hanger off of another creates more space in your closet. This is great if you have a lot of clothes or if you have very limited space in your closet.


Armoires and Wardrobes — These are great additions to your home to add a finishing touch and extra storage space. You can even move some clunky shoes, jackets, or sweaters from your apartment’s bedroom closet to the armoire or wardrobe so you can make room for your summer clothes. Armoires are also a good place for things like scrapbooks, movies and CDs, and even more fragile ornaments and decorative items you don’t want out in the open.


Hanging Door Organizers

Hanging door organizers help to maximize space in closets, pantries, and cabinets. They come in all different varieties and can be used to store shoes, towels, food and spices, and so many more items.


Thanks for reading today’s post! We hope you have a great month in Georgetown, TX. Share your storage hacks in the comments below.


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