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Last Minute Spring Cleaning


The Mansions of Georgetown Blog, Georgetown, TX  Get your home in order with some helpful, simple spring cleaning tips and tricks from this week's blog.


Welcome back to The Mansions of Georgetown Blog! Summer is almost here. Before May ends, take some time to fit in some last minute spring cleaning. Sure, spring cleaning is typically a little more intense than your usual cleaning routine, but trust us: the more time you spend cleaning now, the more time you’ll have for summer fun later. Let’s get down and dirty and clean out some places in your apartment that you never really think to reach!


Before we begin, don’t feel like you have to clean everything in your apartment in one afternoon. Sometimes it’s better if you take a few days to accomplish this task.


About Spring Cleaning, Martha Stewart says, “Your spring cleaning may never become effortless, but you can make the project more manageable — and even enjoyable.”


Okay, let’s get started! Cabinets are a great place to begin. They collect dust and food splatters, so wipe down doors and handles. Then take things off of shelves and wipe those down, as well. Use a soft rag with some warm water. If you need something a little more heavy duty, try something like disinfectant wipes.


Windows should be cleaned as well. Clean off mirrored surfaces, including tables or frames. While you’ve got the glass cleaner handy, go ahead and wipe off your car windows, too!


The refrigerator is a pretty big task, but you can certainly do it with some organization. Take all food out of the fridge and put it on your kitchen table. Get a warm rag and wipe off shelves and drawers. Be sure to do the outside and handles. Go through food and throw out all items that are expired or won’t be eaten. Old leftovers should be thrown out and containers thrown into the dishwasher.


Countertops are a spot you’re probably cleaning often already...but how much attention to detail are you giving? Move appliances and clean underneath and behind items. Wipe down appliances as well, empty crumbs from the toaster, clean off blender bases and standing mixers, and soon your apartment will be sparkling.


We hope that these few cleaning tips help you through the month of May. Remember: the more you clean now, the more time you’ll have for summer fun in Georgetown, Texas. Get cleaning and thanks for reading!

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