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How to Have a Peaceful Stay-cation

A woman reading a book while relaxing in a bathtub filled with bubbles.

Life can get busy and stressful, so give yourself a break this month! If can’t give yourself a vacation outside of Georgetown, TX, enjoy time inside of your apartment here at The Mansions of Georgetown. Read on for some tips for all you need to know about making a peaceful environment perfect for your stay-cation.

Enjoying a Peaceful Staycation

Treat it like a normal vacation. This means planning out your days so you don’t feel bored when the time comes, thinking to yourself, “now what?”, and a host of other thoughts about how you could be doing something productive. Set aside a specific time in your week or month for you to do what you want!

Clean your apartment. Your Mansions of Georgetown apartment is a great place for you to rejuvenate and create your own at-home spa, so let yourself relax by preparing your home. Clean your home so you can focus on relaxing without having to be disturbed by messes, clutter, and bad smells. This is also important to do if you want to make a relaxing bath: you want to feel clean and fresh, so get rid of the germs and start new with a sparkling bathroom. Set out freshly washed bath towels and sheets so you can feel warm and toasty as you relax.

Unplug from the world. Nowadays, many of us are a bit addicted to our phones and mobile devices, whether we use them for work, play, or mindless distraction. But let yourself focus on your you-time by turning off your mobile devices and focusing on what you want to do for yourself. There’s a lot you can do to entertain yourself and still keep your mind engaged, so think about what you’ve always been wanting to get to but that you haven’t had the chance to do. Whether that’s reading a book, cooking a gourmet meal, trying a craft or skill, doing yoga, writing in your journal, or doing something else, now is the time to do it! If work or other to-do item-related thoughts keep popping up, keep a notebook handy so you can jot them down when they do. That way you can set them aside without worrying about losing the inspiration when you need it.

What are your best tips for making a peaceful stay-cation? Let us know by leaving a comment! Good luck, and have fun!

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