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End of Summer Workout Tips

two women giving each other high fives while they workout


Welcome back to The Mansions of Georgetown Blog! Today, we’re sharing a few workout tips with residents of our apartment community in Georgetown, TX. Read through these before you return to our 24-hour fitness gym.


Dress appropriately.

Investing in proper workout clothes is a must for your health. You don’t have to get anything too fancy. Just look for loose, breathable cotton materials that help combat sweat. If you’re working outside, choose lighter colors to reflect the sun. And always wear sunscreen — make it an essential part of your everyday wardrobe for the health of your skin.


Refuel properly.

Don’t get caught without water at the gym. Even if you’re not intending on pushing yourself to the limit, you need to refuel properly. Keep water on hand or within reach as you run, lift weights, and rest. Hydrating is crucial to your success in the gym. The last thing you want is to be dehydrated and sapped of energy.


Aside from drinking water, you’ll need to eat properly. If your goal is weight loss, understanding your caloric intake and the types of food you eat can help you get there. Generally, be conscious of the nutrients your body needs to repair and fix itself after workouts. Though it may seem like a faster way to achieve your fitness goals, starving yourself will only make you weaker and less capable of strengthening your body.


Give yourself a break.

Challenging yourself is great, but it can get out of hand fast. Go easy on yourself so you don’t push yourself past your limits. The heat will change those limits, so expect a drop in performance compared to that of your best day. Staying realistic and letting yourself rest will keep you going, which is the most important part!


Thanks for reading!

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