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Being Grateful for the Simple Things

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November has begun, and so before you get caught up in meal prep and holiday party planning, take a few moments to ponder on what you are thankful for. While expressing gratitude is something you should strive to do all year round, November serves as a special reminder to have an attitude of gratitude. Here are a few simple things we here at The Mansions of Georgetown Blog are thinking about this season that might help you get into the mood to give thanks:

Something About the World

Since we receive constant updates about sad and depressing things happening around the world, it can be easy to forget that there is so much good and beauty in it too. This month, take a minute to think about, write about, or even visit a place near you that takes your breath away. It might be a peaceful place in nature, or it could be an inspiring piece of architecture. Wherever you go, be grateful to be able to enjoy it.

A Favorite Quality in a Friend

There are people in our lives that are sharing their unique gifts and qualities with us every day. Maybe you have a friend that really knows how to comfort you when you’re sad. Your next door neighbor might have figured out how to really make you laugh. Or perhaps you coworker makes work feel like a more enjoyable place. Take a few moments this month to acknowledge something great about someone you care about. You may even consider writing them a note to thank them!

Your Favorite Food

It’s no surprise to us that you have a certain food you just can’t stop thinking about. Whether it’s a freshly-baked chocolate chip cookie or a bowl of homemade chili or a warm loaf of bread, we’re sure there is something that makes your mouth water when you think about it. Allow yourself to enjoy your favorite food in November by going out to eat it or by making it yourself. If your schedule is pretty packed, even simply writing about a memorable time you had this food will help you to feel more appreciative of the joy it brings to your life.

Simple Pleasures

Don’t you just love those little things you notice that make you smile and that help you get through the day? Seeing someone walking a newborn puppy down the street. Getting tagged in a meme by your best friend. Noticing a flower growing in a place you didn’t expect it to. The possibilities for what provides you with a little dose of joy are endless. Try playing back through your last week in your mind and writing down all of the little things that made you smile. It will help you feel grateful to be alive, and it will help you feel joy even more quickly the next time you witness one of these simple pleasures.

What are you grateful for this month? Share it with our Georgetown, TX apartment community by leaving a comment!